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4 Ways to Make a Better Cup of Coffee

Do you think that the coffee you buy is better than the one you make? Many will agree with this. But, there is one downside: it is more costly. When you add up your every day take out coffee and calculate your spending on a monthly level, you will be surprised. If you are on a budget but still want to drink good coffee, we have some helpful tips for you. You will learn that brewing coffee is easy and simple!


Coffee beans

Good quality coffee beans will produce tasty coffee. So, you want to be on the look for freshly roasted beans and avoid the stale ones. They will bring an amazing taste, so check the roasting date. Your coffee will be tastier two to three weeks after roasting. The longer that they sit, the less flavor they have. Oxygen will degrade the roasted beans over time, so avoid beans that have been roasted for more than three weeks. Avoid any long-lasting beans, as they have added preservatives to prolonge their life. Store your beans in an airtight container, and never place them in the freezer.

Even if you do things right, sometimes the beans are the problem. Low-quality coffee beans will taste bad, no matter your efforts to improve it. So, make sure that you try a few different brands and shops to find the perfect taste.

Filtered water

Since a great part of your coffee is consisted of water, you will need to pay attention to it. Keep in mind that the quality of the water you use will have a great impact on the final flavor of the coffee. Tap water contains chlorine and minerals that will alter the taste. Use filtered or bottled water if you want to prepare a cup of coffee with an authentic taste.

Right measurements

If you want to try a perfect coffee, you must get the measures right. And the ratio is 16 parts water to one part coffee. Use a scale to measure the ground coffee beans to get the perfect ratio. Or use your usual kitchen tools such as a spoon or a measuring cup.

Clean your coffee machine

There is one more important thing that most people forget about. It is the condition of your coffee machine. Despite having a good quality coffee machine, you should know how to maintain it. When it comes to brands, there are so many. Check for some reviews of Keurig and Nespresso to decide which brand is the right choice that will match your needs.

Do you think that your coffee tastes somewhat sour? This can be a sign that your machine needs a good cleaning. The leftover coffee residues and water will alter the taste of the coffee. This means that you should clean it often, to avoid a buildup of coffee residues. Also, keep in mind that you need to do deep cleaning once in a while depending on the type of equipment.

Boomi Coffee is a drink that is made from pure coffee powder, which means it doesn’t require any hot water. The taste is comparable to a regular cup of coffee, but it takes only thirty seconds to prepare.

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