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Best Seafood side to eat  step by step

We’ve put together the ultimate list of the best side dishes for seafood…no longer is there a need for the accompaniment guessing game! Here are five categories of mouthwatering dishes to serve alongside your crab cakes, shrimp, fish fillets, lobsters or any other tasty seafood main


That summer staple, corn. Corn goes along with the seafood side  like honey to bees and these side dishes and entree combinations will certainly make any dinner shine.

Nothing says summer like Maryland Blue Crabs and corn on the cob! I have no problem putting down my crab pickins’ (messy hands and all) and picking up a buttery ear of corn. Grilled, simmered or BBQ’d fresh shrimp needs corn bread (or hush puppies), all those delicious juices need to be soaked up by something!

More fork and knife corn side dishes, like creamed corn or corn succotash, are a lovely supporting side to seared Atlantic salmon fillets or fried farm-raised catfish fillets


Yes, yes I know…potatoes and corn are vegetables too. Call this the other veggie category…

Grilled vegetables like squash, zucchini, asparagus and tomatoes (skewered or otherwise) are perfect for other grilled counterparts like sea scallops, tuna steaks or rockfish.

The ever popular veggie side dish, coleslaw, is a must have for any fried fish platter (love catfish or cod for fried fish) or crab cakes. Lighter vegetable side dishes like cucumber dill salad or tomato salads are great paired with shellfish like clams or mussels or more delicate fish fillets like tilapia or red snapper.

Hearty greens like sautéed spinach and kale are the upstanding counterparts for healthy main dishes with salmon, mahi or flounder and popular seafood options like jumbo lump crab meat recipes and crab stuffed shrimp


Potatoes are the go-to side dish for many protein mains and seafood is no exception.

Crab Cakes are a match made in heaven for creamy mashed potatoes. I love pairing whole steamed lobsters with roasted potatoes, potato wedges or baked potatoes, this way any rouge butter splatter will easily get stopped up. Baked or broiled lobster tails pair nicely with cheesy or creamy potato side dishes like potatoes au gratin or scalloped potatoes


Seafood is not just a topping for delicious pasta recipes but can be accompanied by creative noodle side dishes. No fried cod or fried crab cake sandwich would be complete without good southern macaroni salad. All manner of pasta salads are a great side supporter for all of Cameron’s Alaskan crab legs; Jumbo Alaskan king crab legs, snow crab legs or Dungeness crab legs. And let’s not forget macaroni and cheese!!! Spiced shrimp are absolutely perfect with macaroni and cheese and we can’t leave out sautéed lobster meat…yum yum yum


Lastly, we have our beans. These underrated side dish ingredients are an affordable, albeit delicious, option for upgraded or casual seafood dishes. The classic baked beans are great with big BBQ platters of shrimp or crab picking picnics with Maryland blue crabs (the bigger the crabs the better).

Mediterranean bean salads with white beans or cannellini beans marinated with fresh herbs, olive or tomatoes (or both) are great with seared scallops, lobster meat, sautéed oysters and fried calamari.

Tangy southwestern-style black bean salad is a great sidekick to lump crab meat tacos or spicy or creole crawfish

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