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Getting the Most Out of Your Kegerator

Any homebrewer that is serious about homebrewing should invest in a kegerator. They save time, take up less space, and are much easier for storage purposes. However, one crucial component of your kegerator is how to dispense your beer, and that includes a CO2 cylinder. To pour your best pint, the cylinder must be properly placed and set up in the right way. Below are some tips to get you that much closer to your perfect pint.

Enhance Your Beer Kit

Many homebrewers have a brewing kit—whether it is self-made or purchased from a homebrewing company. If you invest in a kegerator and have home brew kits, a CO2 gas bottle should be added to your list. CO2 bottles, or CO2 cylinders, can help with the carbonation of your beer. When poured from a kegerator, they can help keep your beer from falling flat.

Common Issues to Check with Your CO2 Gas Bottle

CO2 cylinders are a necessary component for a kegerator to pour carbonated beer, but there are a few things to check to ensure it’s running correctly. Make sure your pressure is okay—anywhere between 12 to 14 PSI should be okay but check with your company if possible. Check to make sure there are no leaks as well. You can do this by spraying a sanitiser on the tank. If there are no bubbles that form, there are no leaks, and you are ready to pour beer.

A Few CO2 Safety Tips Before You Start

When handled safely, CO2 is a great agent to help carbonate a beer but do use caution. When mishandled, CO2 can be dangerous. Keep the following in mind:

  1. To avoid possible explosions, always make sure your cylinder is connected to the reducing valve or regulator.
  2. Do not connect your cylinder directly to a keg.
  3. Keep your cylinders upright and away from heat.
  4. Handle with care: do not throw or drop a cylinder.
  5. If there is leakage from the cylinder, ventilate the area well.
  6. Check the test date and do not handle any cylinders that have a test date of over five years.

By treating the cylinders with care and respect, you should have little issue and you will easily see the benefits of adding a cylinder to your homebrewing kit.

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