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Here are the Best Coffee Haunts In Copenhagen to Get Your Fix

Did you know that Copenhagen is the second most expensive city to have coffee at? Not that it is meant to discourage you, but just a headsup to plan your budget when traveling to Denmark. It would still be better if you don’t drink coffee. But if you cannot function well without your caffeine fix while staying at apartment hotels in Copenhagen, here are the best places to try coffee at.

  1. Prolog Coffee Bar, Høkerboderne 16, 1712 Copenhagen

This cafe can be found in the Vesterbro District of Copenhagen. The place is adorned with its minimalist interior with a bright blue trim to lure you in with its best coffee ever! The place is cozy and small. You may find that there is only a small seating area and behind them are rows of plants. The shop itself is quite cozy and small. Once inside, they don’t have tables but shelves fastened to a wall. Even with the limited space, you are bound to love this place and explore the books and magazines as you sip your beverage.

  1. Copenhagen Coffee Collective, Jægersborggade 57, 2200 Copenhagen N

This is one of the most famous brands in Copenhagen. There are four such cafes in the city but many cafes brewing its beans. Coffee Culture runs under Direct Trade. In other words, they deal with the farmers directly and pay them at least 25 percent more than the trade price. This encourages the farmers to grow the best beans. The café roasts their own coffee on a daily basis.

  1. Cub Coffee Bar, Boldhusgade 6 1062, Copenhagen K

This bar is located at a secretive spot so keep looking out for this café or you’ll miss it. You may find a couple of patio table outdoors and then you head down the stairs that lead into the basement to arrive at their location on Boldhusgade. But you can also find them near the Parliament. You can try the oat milk flat white which tastes rich and velvety. There is no bitterness or bad flavor notes in their taste and the coffee is roasted perfectly multiple times in a week.

  1. Den Lille Gule Kaffebar

The name of the place means the little yellow coffee bar. And is literally true. The café is found inside a small yellow building down the road. The interior is adorable and cozy and have an option to be seated indoors or outdoors. Its cozy vibe makes it an ideal place to relax at.

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