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McDonald’s Commitment To Quality & Sustainable Development

Cool is what cool does. Okay, we will simplify that for you. Good is what good does. At McDonald’s we believe that good, sustainable practices go a long way in building the right relationship with people and they actually keep us going during all times, good and not so good. At McDonald’s, we believe that without you, our customers, there is no us. So we make sure we do things in a fashion that ensures sustainability and good quality. After all, it is good quality matters in the end.

The brand follows a series of steps – right from choosing the right seeds, to feeding the right food to birds to transporting raw items under just the right conditions to maintaining strict quality control at restaurants – to ensure that the food with the best quality ingredients are served at your table or are delivered via McDelivery. Here are a few things you may like to know about McDonald’s Menu.

Our eggs have a crackling story

Did you know that we source the best, grade A eggs that are kept under the most hygienic conditions before being sent to the restaurants? Every egg is washed, sanitized, dried and checked multiple times for imperfections. And we are not just talking about outer defects, our eggs go through candling under light to spot internal defects if any. Sounds supercool, right? All the eggs are also coated with oil to increase their shelf life and are shipped in temperature controlled (between 1 and 4 degree Celsius) trucks to ensure consistent quality.

Our Peas are no ordinary either!

McDonald’s uses a Green pea combined harvester that comes with the latest technology to harvest peas. With the help of the harvester, peas can be de-podded at the farm itself. Any foreign object can be easily identified and removed using air blower. That is not all. Its optical sorters size-grade the peas as well. The harvester has a very important function that allows the pea residue to be used as green manure. This helps better the quality of the next harvest as well.

Interesting fact: Peas sourced for McDonald’s cannot be more than 10 mm in diameter. That is to ensure they do not stick out of a patty or break them.

Buns to die for

Have you noticed the consistent softness and sweetness of a McDonald’s bun, no matter which outlet you go to? Well, it takes a list of things to achieve that as well. For starters, absolute hygiene standards are maintained at our supplying bakeries. The staff has to wear a face and head mask. They also follow hand washing practice at regular interval before stepping into the bakery. Every bun that is baked goes through multiple levels of checks before they are packed for the restaurants. Metal detectors ensure no foreign particle goes unnoticed. If there are any cracks in the buns, they are immediately discarded. If they do not look the right size, they are discarded as well. Only the right sized, quality checked buns make it to the packaging stage.

Our potatoes are different.

First of all, we use Shepody, Santana & innovator potatoes to make our fries. They look a little different than other potatoes in terms of size. From growing the potatoes to frying the final fries, a number of sustainable measures are taken to ensure their quality is not compromised in any way. The potatoes are first sorted by size, washed, given a salt water bath and sent to a steam peeler. Once peeled, every potato is individually checked for impurities and warmed and then cut into the shape of fries. These fries are then par fried and IQF technology used to freeze the fries. Once these fries reach the restaurants, they are kept separately in freezers to ensure top quality is maintained at all time.

The lettuce trail

One of the main challenges of sourcing lettuce is to maintain its crispiness from farm to fork. After harvesting, our lettuce is cooled to a temperature of below 8 degrees Celsius. They are cut the right size and washed twice to maintain the right food safety standards. Lettuce is transported under strict temperature conditions of course because a few degrees more and the lettuce will lose its crunchiness, a few degrees less and it will lose its texture and colour.

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