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Trying Sushi for the First Time: Here Are a Few Handy Tips to Help You Out

It is true to note that if you are a sushi lover, going to a sushi buffet is the best thing you can do. There, you will get a wide variety of sushi dishes that you will definitely love. But in case you have never tasted Tulsa sushi and you would like to try it for the first time, you will need to start small.

However, you may be wondering why you should start small if you were to eat sushi for the very first time! See, sushi may not be a piece of cake to everyone. May be it is due to the meat in it or the raw fish but there are cooked sushi dishes. However, if you are thinking of trying this Japanese delicacy and do not know how to, here are handy tips to help you get started.

Eat sushi that contain familiar ingredients

It is advisable to select sushi dishes that contain ingredients that you like eating. However, the presentation and the texture may be different. But you may have had the same fish before and you really fallen in love with it. It was such a delicious dish. If so, eat the sushi roll since it may not be something new to you.

Eat sushi that is cooked first

There are sushi dishes that are cooked. These happen to be the best choice for you if it is your very first time to eat sushi. This is because they do not contain much of raw ingredients. However, in some varieties only raw vegetable is blended but the meat or fish is usually cooked. The advice here is you should enjoy a cooked sushi roll if you are a beginner in sushi eating.

Go vegetarian for the first time

You do not have to be a vegan for you to start with a vegetarian sushi dish. In most sushi restaurants, you can get a variety of sushi dishes without meat yet are delicious sushi rolls. Cucumber sushi rolls, for example, are a great option especially if you are just starting to eat sushi. Other examples of vegan sushi varieties are avocado rolls, mushroom rolls, and sweet potato rolls.

Let the sushi chef direct you

There are those people who love being a little bit adventurous. If so, you can try the chef’s choice. This is because the chef will help you have the freshest ingredient served and you will definitely enjoy your sushi dish. Also, if you were to make your choice, they can also guide you through the various options that they have and help you pick the best as per your specifications.


It is true that everyone is different when it comes to trying new things-especially sushi. But it is advisable to start eating sushi at levels that you are comfortable with. However, remember to adhere to these handy tips when you are out there trying sushi for the very first time.

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