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What are the Best Coffee Drinks for the Winter?

As we reach the much colder winter months it is that time of the year when we reconsider what we wear, what we eat and drink and whether to just hibernate until the warm weather comes back and the sun on our backs makes us warm up enough to even want to be outside. There are plenty of perks though to winter, with some of the range of hot beverages available to us really interesting, tasty and warming. We’ll take a look at a few of the winter coffee drinks that you should be trying out over the next few months, whether you are looking for a quick caffeine boost in the morning or a specialist warm, festive drink to warm the cockles and keep you going. With the highest quality coffee drinks and the best specialist coffee equipment you can create some magical winter coffee drinks.

We all know about the infamous Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte and how popular it is with coffee drinkers, and non-coffee drinkers who just love festive flavours, every year, but what else should you be looking for in a winter coffee drink in 2020?

Think about all the different warm, winter flavours that you know, and love and gingerbread is definitely up there as one of the most welcoming flavours. A gingerbread latte is a popular winter drink, as it evokes those memories of making gingerbread people and gingerbread houses with our grandmother when we were children. As nostalgia goes, a gingerbread latte is right up there, placing you back to amazing childhood memories and the magical essence of the festive period. In a latte, the flavour gingerbread is not overpowering, instead it adds a subtle flavour and undertone that works perfectly with the crisp, cold winter air.

A favourite with many coffee drinkers during winter is the marshmallow latte. We all know about the joy of toasting marshmallows over an open fire, and the joy of marshmallows topping a big mug of hot chocolate with cream. Perfect around Halloween and Bonfire Night, and well into the Christmas period, a latte that is topped with marshmallows is an exciting idea and incredibly tasty as far as winter coffee drinks go.

What about trying something a little outside of the box with a log cabin latte? This is an espresso that has cinnamon and a tiny amount of maple syrup and butter in it. It is unique, it is full of flavour and warmth and the log cabin name brings you into that warm winter aesthetic around a log fire with your loved ones.

Now you can see what is out there for you to try this winter, why not think about the coffee equipment that you have to hand and how you’ll go about creating these winter warmers. The best coffee suppliers understand how to help cafés and coffee shops make the best coffee. When you combine quality products and coffee equipment with inventive ideas, you begin to see quality drinks that are not only tasty but blow away the drinkers and entice them to return again and again. Specialist coffee drinks have become more of the norm over the last few years, and this winter you should keep your mind open to trying these amazing winter coffee drinks. We all still go out and about in winter, with a coffee a great beverage to keep us going on the cold streets.

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